Mistakes to avoid after a DUI arrest

February 6, 2019 Legal Team
If this is your first time getting arrested for a DUI, it is essential for you to stay calm and be mindful of your actions. What you do leading up to your court date could potentially impact the outcome. The law takes a strict stance against alleged offenders. That is why a thoughtful defense is so...
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Black defendants face bias from black and white bail judges

July 23, 2018 Legal Team
According to a new study, bail judges in Illinois and across the U.S. discriminate against black defendants. The bias occurs whether the judges are black or white. For the study, which will be published in The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Harvard Law School researchers analyzed 162,836 cases involving 93,914 defendants in Philadelphia County between...
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Marijuana intoxication difficult to measure

November 14, 2016 Legal Team
Illinois residents may be aware that several states recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana. As restrictions on marijuana use loosen around the country, there are growing concerns about how to prevent motor vehicle accidents by drivers that may be impaired by marijuana. As of yet, there is no reliable testing method for marijuana...
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Designated drivers may be tested for alcohol with new patch

October 6, 2016 Legal Team
An Illinois resident who has volunteered to be the designated driver for a night out with friends may find it challenging to refrain from alcohol consumption. If the designated driver slips up and has a few drinks, the mistake could lead to a car accident, DUI charges or both. Designated drivers may soon be...
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