Penalties for DUI in Illinois

October 18, 2016 Legal Team
Illinois drivers who are arrested for driving while impaired may face a variety of penalties based on the facts surrounding their DUI charge. For instance, the severity of penalties they may face may depend on their age, whether there were minors in the car or whether they have prior drunk or impaired driving convictions....
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Designated drivers may be tested for alcohol with new patch

October 6, 2016 Legal Team
An Illinois resident who has volunteered to be the designated driver for a night out with friends may find it challenging to refrain from alcohol consumption. If the designated driver slips up and has a few drinks, the mistake could lead to a car accident, DUI charges or both. Designated drivers may soon be...
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Technology may lead to safer driving for older motorists

September 23, 2016 Legal Team
Safety technology that is designed to help eliminate driver errors that are a major cause of accidents in Illinois and across the country is fast becoming a reality. Automakers are rolling out smarter cars that can not only detect pedestrians, cyclists and other traffic but that can also steer clear of an impending collision...
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Traffic deaths went up in 2015

September 7, 2016 Legal Team
With lower gas prices and higher job growth in 2015, more Illinois residents had the money to take car trips. The increase in vehicle miles traveled in 2015 is one of the factors that might have led to an increase in traffic deaths around the country. According to a report by the National Highway...
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