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car accident Archives

Illinois crash kills woman and injures her 6 children

Media outlets in Illinois have reported that an accident in Monroe County on the afternoon of Feb. 27 claimed the life of a 41-year-old woman and injured her six children. Reports indicate that the woman's SUV was struck by a dump truck as it crossed the intersection of Illinois State Road 3 and Veterans Parkway at approximately 12:30 p.m. While some accounts of the accident suggest that the 86-year-old driver of the dump truck may have run a red light, other reports state that his vehicle left skid marks on the roadway about 50 yards from the scene of the crash.

Study connects increased accident rate with 4/20 holiday

As recreational and medical marijuana use has been legalized in several states, Illinois motorists should be aware that using marijuana can have an impact on their ability to drive safely. In fact, a study showed that increased use of marijuana on April 20, the drug's self-proclaimed holiday, has been linked to a slight increase in the number of fatal car accidents.

Distractions may be to blame for rise in traffic deaths

Distracted driving, according to some experts, is behind the increase in traffic deaths that has been affecting Illinois and the rest of the U.S. Smartphone use is a major factor in distracted driving; a Consumer Reports survey of licensed drivers who own smartphones showed that 52 percent of them admitted to using their devices while behind the wheel. From texts and emails to music and internet, smartphones offer plenty to distract people.

How to discourage speeding, according to the NTSB

The National Transportation Safety Board has shown that speeding is the cause behind the increase in traffic deaths in the U.S. It has released a report showing how 31 percent of traffic deaths between 2005 and 2014 involved speeding. This comes out to 112,580 deaths, slightly less than the number of DUI-related fatalities during that same period. Drivers in Illinois will want to know what the NTSB proposes as ways to discourage speeding.

How to know who is liable in an Uber accident

When a person gets into a car accident, it may be possible to hold the driver who caused the crash liable for damages. However, if an Uber driver causes the accident, there may be some question as to who is actually liable. In the event that an Illinois resident or anyone else gets into an accident caused by an Uber driver, the driver is generally the liable party.

Types and causes of accidents

Many car accidents in Illinois and other states occur as a result of a driver's negligent actions or the driver losing control of the vehicle. There are various types of accidents that can result in different injuries or even death. Details have been released after a study by researchers at the University of Michigan that give a better indication of the anatomy of a car accident.

Americans encouraged to promote impaired driving awareness

While most people in Illinois and the rest of the U.S. know that impaired driving can be a factor in car accidents, they may not know how serious the problem is. Approximately 28 percent of traffic fatalities in 2016 were caused by alcohol-impaired drivers, and the death toll comes to more than 10,000 people. Furthermore, a 2012 survey revealed that 4.2 million adults in America had driven under the influence at least once within 30 days.

Study links Pokémon Go with increase in car crashes

Illinois residents probably remember when Pokémon Go was launched back in July 2016 and how it led to reports of gamers injuring themselves and others because they were so immersed in the game. The game, not surprisingly, also had an impact on car crash rates across the U.S., as one study made by two Purdue University professors reveals.

NHTSA finds barriers to self-driving vehicle safety

Under a Senate bill approved in early October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will write permanent safety regulations for self-driving vehicles within the next decade. However, the agency has stated that there are some barriers that it must overcome. Drivers in Illinois may be interested in learning that some auto safety groups are urging more safeguards, which may put development behind for several years.

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