What to know about Illinois’ distracted driving laws

November 26, 2019 Legal Team
Illinois, like several other states in 2019, implemented a new distracted driving law looking to hold motorists accountable for their actions behind the wheel.According to the Illinois Tollway, more than 11,000 distracted driving crashes occurred in the state between 2013-2017, with 79 of those crashes being fatal. Illinois was also rated as the tenth...
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Steps to take after a dog bite

November 20, 2019 Legal Team
Dogs may be known as a man’s best friend. But not every k9 is well-trained or has a responsible owner, which can put anyone who gets in its way at risk.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4 million dog bites occur in the U.S. every year. Out of that...
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Illinois drivers should be on the lookout for deer

November 13, 2019 Legal Team
Drivers in Illinois may want to start taking extra precaution. That is because more deer are out on the roads, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. Since fall is typically the start of deer mating season, they often become more active in the morning and evening hours.According to officials, there were more than...
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3 common reasons for truck accidents

October 10, 2019 Legal Team
There is a reason that drivers must receive a special license in order to operate a truck. These massive vehicles are substantially larger than traditional cars, motorcycles and bicycles. As a result, the amount of damage that an accident can cause is significant. Every year trucking accidents cause countless severe injuries and thousands of...
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