What to do if you face DUI charges in Illinois

November 6, 2017 Legal Team
With the holidays fast approaching, it is wise to be prepared on what to do in case the police pull you over for drunk driving. You do not want a DUI conviction to ruin the season for you or others.DUI charges are no minor matter. Even the most basic first-time offense can still lead...
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NHTSA finds barriers to self-driving vehicle safety

November 3, 2017 Legal Team
Under a Senate bill approved in early October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will write permanent safety regulations for self-driving vehicles within the next decade. However, the agency has stated that there are some barriers that it must overcome. Drivers in Illinois may be interested in learning that some auto safety groups are...
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Stair use and injuries

October 19, 2017 Legal Team
Every year, over one million people in Illinois and throughout the United States are injured from using stairs. Even though women, young children and older adults tend to report the greater number of injuries, people of every age seek emergency care for bumps, fractures, sprains and strains. According to a recent study in the...
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In traffic accidents, car size is important

October 3, 2017 Legal Team
While vehicles have become increasingly safe with advancements in technology and additional safety features, small cars still carry higher risks when they are involved in accidents. Illinois residents who are considering purchasing small cars might want to consider the safety risks involved with driving them. When small cars are involved in collisions, the occupants...
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