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Challenging The Results Of The Sobriety Test

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So you were charged with a DUI in Springfield or elsewhere in Illinois. What do you do now? Chances are you were stopped for speeding, driving recklessly or for failing to stop at a stop sign. If the police suspected the presence of alcohol on your breath, the police then asked you to take a field sobriety test or submit to chemical testing of your breath, blood or urine. Based on the results, the police made the arrest.

But are the results of the chemical test or field sobriety test really valid? What if the police didn’t actually have probable cause? What happens if you were on medication that compromised the test results?

These are all valid questions that our team at Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC, can help you address. With more than 50 years of experience handling a wide variety of cases, including DUI charges, we know what to look for when carrying out investigations, building a defense and ultimately, protecting your rights.

Some Things To Consider When Contesting The Results Of Your Sobriety Test

People make mistakes, and the police are people. Maybe the arresting officer administered the test improperly, wasn’t properly trained on how to use a breath test device, or mishandled the test results. There are numerous opportunities for something to go wrong, and it’s our job as your attorneys to hold the authorities accountable when they make mistakes.

If we find that the officers didn’t notify you of your rights or the results of the tests were compromised, we can push for a dismissal or at the very least have the evidence thrown out.

When it comes to your freedom, your finances and your record, you owe it to yourself to explore every option for avoiding jail time, fines and a permanent stain on your record. As your lawyers, we have the resources and know-how to make sure no option goes unexplored. We are a local firm and have earned the respect of the prosecutors and authorities in the region because they know we arrive prepared, are diligent and often achieve positive outcomes for our clients. Attorney Grady Holley has been named as a Top 100 DUI Defense Attorney in Illinois by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD). Furthermore, he has been designated with a “Superior” ranking, which means he is among the top DUI lawyers in the nation.

Let Us Step In And Protect Your Rights

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