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Manufacturers, packagers and distributors have a responsibility to design, manufacture, and package or install products that are safe for public use. If you were injured while using a consumer or industrial product in central Illinois, our team of experienced Springfield defective product attorneys at Holley, Rosen & Beard, LLC, are ready to step in and help.

We are a team of experienced personal injury trial attorneys with a strong record of success helping people recover compensation for injuries or wrongful death resulting from another party’s negligence.

By Filing A Claim, You Protect Yourself And Others From Dangerous Products

Illinois courts have found that a manufacturer is not necessarily relieved of liability because the product passed government approval or if the consumer was using the product incorrectly. The product is expected to be designed and manufactured for safe use under reasonable conditions of use for the intended purpose. Even if you were not following the exact instructions, you may have a claim for damages if a defect in the design or manufacture of the product resulted in injury or death.

We have been handling injury claims for more than 50 years. We understand the processes and procedures that come with pursuing these claims. From the moment you reach out to us and hire our firm, we offer zealous representation and pursue damages resulting from any type of product liability injury or wrongful death claim, including defective products such as:

  • Home appliances, stoves, electric heaters
  • Furnaces, water heaters
  • Gas grills, propane equipment
  • Consumer power tools
  • Toys and children’s products
  • Auto product defect, seat belt failure, air bag failure
  • Household chemicals
  • Industrial equipment, construction tools
  • Dangerous and defective prescription drugs and medical devices

Injured At Somebody’s House? You May Be Owed Compensation.

Many injuries from defective products occur while helping a friend, relative or neighbor with work around their house. People are often reluctant to file a claim against someone in a close relationship. In almost all cases, the resident’s homeowner insurance will cover injury damages for accidents that occur on the property. If you are reluctant to file a lawsuit, ask yourself whether your friend or relative would rather have you file against his or her homeowners policy, or let you suffer significant financial damages?

Remember, the insurance company is not your friend or neighbor. The insurance company is a big business looking to protect its own interests. When you reach out to one of our Springfield defective product attorneys, we can answer your questions, relieve concerns and outline a plan going forward.

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