1 dead in interstate car crash

May 4, 2017 Legal Team
On April 30, a car accident that took place on an Illinois highway left one person dead and several others with serious injuries. The crash took place on Interstate 94 and Buckley Road at about 11:49 a.m. It caused the eastbound lanes to be closed for about three hours. The 62-year-old female driver of...
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Driving defensively to prevent distracted driving crashes

April 6, 2017 Legal Team
Although many Illinois drivers are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, some still actively use their smartphones while they are operating their vehicles. In fact, there are studies available that suggest that distracted driving may be more dangerous than drunk driving. As such, it is important that drivers do everything they can to...
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Personal injury and self-driving vehicles

March 10, 2017 Legal Team
Attorneys and those interested in personal injury matters in Illinois have plenty to speculate about as self-driving cars continue to move further from theory and closer to reality. Data and personal experiences from driverless prototype vehicles have revealed many possibilities when it comes to the impact that autonomous cars might have on personal injury...
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NSC figures reveal disturbing rise in traffic accident fatalities

February 21, 2017 Legal Team
Motor vehicle accident fatalities around the country have reached levels not seen in almost a decade according to data released on Feb. 15 by the National Traffic Council. The group reports that 40,200 road users, including many in Illinois, lost their lives in 2016, which represents a 6 percent increase over the 2015 fatality...
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