1 injured in 2-vehicle crash

January 12, 2017 Legal Team
On Jan. 2, it was reported by the Illinois State Police that one person suffered minor injuries in a car accident. The crash occurred on Illinois 148 near the Grassy Road intersection in Williamson County. Authorities stated that a 19-year-old female driver was traveling north in her 2003 Jeep Liberty when the 2005 Chevrolet...
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Car accidents caused by the Snapchat speed filter

December 30, 2016 Legal Team
In Illinois and other states, the Snapchat speed filter has become a popular feature, but it is dangerous when people use it while driving. A woman who writes for the blog Safer America believes that it has no real purpose except to video a person accelerating to extreme speeds that may cause a car...
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States that are most unsafe for drivers

December 7, 2016 Legal Team
Illinois motorists who are planning on traveling to visit family and friends over the Christmas holidays may be interested in reading about the 10 most dangerous states in which to drive. While the amount of traffic fatalities is declining, car accidents still pose a serious problem, especially in some states.According to 2014 statistics, the...
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Can self-driving cars really reduce accidents?

August 30, 2016 Legal Team
According to a recent report by McKinsey & Co., the adoption of self-driving vehicles is projected to prevent 90 percent of all car accidents in the United States. However, a large question remains regarding how autonomous vehicles should make decisions when faced with a potential accident: should the self-driving car prioritize the safety of...
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